The leading telephone integration service for Law Firms

Auto fee & logging

CallSmart integrates your phone to LEAP for complete call control

Automatically and accurately record the time spent on each call, select your fee and log or charge to your clients matter

Detailed call reporting so you never miss a minute
Inbound call popup in LEAP displays callers card and their active matters

Call via your mobile phone, softphone or even your browser

Extend CallSmart to your desktop, laptop, iOS and android devices for complete mobility. You can even send calls to your mobile phone or browser letting you
practice from anywhere and use all of CallSmart's amazing features

You can even setup multiple phone/mobiles across multiple locations

Call Recording & Auto-Transcribing

CallSmart allows you to record your calls, and uploads them automatically to your matter

Never miss an important comment or client statement. Avoid the 'he said, she said...'

CallSmart will also automatically transcribe recorded calls into a File Note and upload it to your matter

See it in action!

Rather than hear all the hype, why not enable our free trial and see for yourself!

The CallSmart trial enables you to use all of the features without providing any credit card details, or signing up for any lengthy terms.

We run a Live Demo of CallSmart for LEAP every Thursday morning (AEST). Register today to check it out in action and ask any questions.

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